Explore technical kit that allows for unrestricted movement essential on a climb. Discover some of the best climbing routes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Location: Colorado, USA

40° 24’38.2” N 105° 31’55.2” W

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado lies some of the world's finest climbing routes. Consisting of granite and conglomerate sandstone, the crag walls tower 700 feet above the valley floor below, offering awe-inspiring views, as well as a feeling of being grounded by the scale of the landscape.

It is a world where simplicity and versatility prevail. In a vertical heaven that demands - and rewards – complete immersion, moving light is the perfect way to get the most out of the day. Just time on the rock.

Unrestricted movement is essential for a successful day at the crag so you rely on your kit to take on even the most dynamic of moves whilst climbing…

All you need is less.
Climbing the Rocky Mountains

Climbing the Rocky Mountains

In choosing an uncomplicated kit; lightweight fleece with supports unrestricted dynamic movement and pants that are articulated and abrasive resistant, Rowland and Alex maximised their experience. More focus, less fuss.

With an emphasis of moving fast and light discover lightweight minimalist kit that supports you on the ascent.

Unlock your next hiking adventure with durable lightweight kit on the trail.

Kit you can count on to be everything you need and not a gram less!