Our Athletes

We work with some of the world's leading athletes and outdoor professionals.

#TeamMontane We work with some of the most high-profile athletes and communities in the world. From ultra-endurance athletes like Galen Reynolds and Jenny Tough, to the thin air of high-altitude mountaineering, and everything in between. We run mountain ranges, summit inaccessible peaks, seek new lines, and chase unbeaten trails.

All Montane athletes pioneer Further.Faster.

Jenny Tough

Fastpacking & Ultra Endurance Athlete

Jesse Dufton

Trad climber & Paralympian

Debbie Martin-Consani

Ultra Running Athlete

Galen Reynolds

Ultra Running Athlete

Emma Powell

Ice Climbing & Dry Tooling Athlete

Marcus Scotney

Ultra Running Athlete

Rebecca Coles

Alpinism & Climbing Athlete

Liam Foster

Ice climbing & Dry Tooling Athlete

Julio Cernuda Aldecoa

Ultra runner

Francesca Canepa

Ultra runner

Kevin Hadfield

Ultra runner

Tom Hollins

Ultra runner

Simon Yearsley

Alpinism & climbing

Tom Ballard

Alpinism, climbing & dry tooling



Simon Roberts

Ultra running athlete

Katy Parrott


Jessie Leong


Kat Roberts


Howard Dracup


Franco Cookson


Alyssa Wendt

Skier, runner & MTBer

Jörn Heller

Ski & Mountain guide

SebBen Summits


Matt Pincus


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