Introducing Katy Parrott

Montane first came across Katy when she won the #MyMontane competition in early 2018. Coming 3rd female in 100km Cotswold Way Ultra sealed the deal in our wonderful partnership!

Although she hails from the bright lights of Bristol, Katy was fortunate to be exposed to the outdoors from an early age. Put on skis at the age of 3 triggered an early love for the mountains. Becoming a Scout as a child, was quite unusual for a girl 20 years ago, but Katy loved the sense of adventure, survival, and generally being fairly feral in the great outdoors.

In 2016, Katy put her love for sport and fitness to the test and signed up to the BBC series Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week. This revealed a physical and mental resilience she didn’t know she had and made her want to explore those limits. Since then she has started ultra running and endurance events. Despite suffering a major knee Injury and reconstruction surgery at the end of 2020, Katy has recovered well and will be taking part In the 2022 Montane Lapland Artic Ultra (MLAU). . We're convinced Katy has only just scratched the surface of what she can achieve, and we can't wait to see where the next 5 years takes her…
Key achievements

Key achievements

2020 – Pioneer athlete for new Ironman distance triathlon course | 2nd female, 3rd overall in World Burpee Games

2019 – 7 month tour in Afghanistan as a combat medic. 85km ultra mid tour

2018 – 3rd female in Cotswold Way 100km ultra | Mount Kazbek Summit, Georgia

2017 – First Ultra marathon, Dartmoor 50km

2016 – Hiked 400km along the entire length of the Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria

2016 – Finalist in BBC series Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

Athlete testimonial

Athlete testimonial

"Montane could not be a better fit for the sports that I love. I’ve used the kit in a whole range of environments, from ultra marathons in over 30 degree heat, to mountain peaks in -15. It is extremely comfortable, it looks great, and most importantly, it works – it has never let me down and I can’t wait to keep pushing myself and my Montane kit further and faster in future endeavours."

"I love that sense of achievement when you cross a finish line doing something you weren’t sure you were able to do – there is no replica for that feeling. Exploring how far you can really go isn’t something that many people want to do (and with a good reason, it can be that classic type 2 fun – rubbish at the time, but great after), so I also love meeting like-minded and inspiration people at such events and adventures."

- Katy Parrott