Introducing Timeless Design

Montane products are built to endure. We design every element to ensure our clothing and equipment becomes your trusted companion in the mountains.

Through design we strive for simplicity. Our focus on lightweight construction naturally delivers a timeless look, fusing performance with a modern aesthetic to transcend any trend.

We build our products to ensure they are functional and durable to their core. From construction methods to fabric choices, we continuously scrutinise our entire process to produce the highest performing gear we can.

And we do it all while constantly assessing our impact and striving to make responsible choices.


By stripping away excessive elements, our minimalist approach to design achieves timeless relevance. As culture shifts with ever-changing trends and evolving tastes, Montane gear should maintain its visual appeal. We don’t want you to grow tired of the look or colour of your jacket because it quickly becomes dated. We want it to be the piece that you wear every day, for a variety of outdoor pursuits, in a wide range of conditions, for years to come.

“Our focus on lightweight inherently delivers a consistent, clean timeless design, whilst underpinning our approach to every element of the product build; design, materials and construction.” - Matt Kemp, Design Director


Everything we build has been designed to be your companion in the mountains. Whether it keeps you cool, dry, or warm, every fabric has been considered and every thread is significant.

Our approach means we are often taking away to add. The reduction of seams, removal of fabric layers, or the optimisation of a feature requires an elevated attention to detail and craftmanship.

“Our products are built to last. We strive to produce the highest performing, longest-lasting products possible. Therefore, durability is a guiding principle.” - Matt Kemp, Design Director

Designed to Endure

We believe people should buy product that lasts. Montane products are designed to deliver on this promise of being long lasting, while enabling our users to get the most out of their time outside.