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Guide to High Altitude Training

Looking to broaden your physical abilities on the trail? Altitude training allows you to push your performance in some of the world’s most physically demanding environments. We find out how. ...Read more

How to find the perfect climbing partner

Filmmaker and #TeamMontane Alpinist Jessie Leong discusses her latest film, ‘Perfect Partners’, inspired by friendships forged on rock and ice. ...Read more

International Women’s Day 2024: Celebrating #TeamMontane

To mark International Women's Day 2024 (#IWD2024) we want to celebrate the incredible women that make up the Montane community. Hear from some of the Montane HQ staff breaking boundaries…...Read more

How Oestrogen can optimise your health and performance

Sports and clinical dietician Renee McGregor explores the power of the female sex hormone Oestrogen and explains how it can impact women’s health and performance....Read more

Why we support the Single Use Plastics Project

Working with the Single Use Plastics Project, we’re on a mission to keep single use plastic out of landfills, and recycle it instead. It’s why you won’t see our products...Read more

Finding peace in the mountains

Samuel Frontzek finds peace in the Scottish mountains. A story of transformation and gaining strength from nature....Read more

Challenging Disability Perceptions in Mexico

#TeamMontane climber Jesse Dufton shares his experience taking on perceptions about disability in Mexico.  ...Read more

Why we support the International Accord

We are proud to be an initial signatory of the 2023 renewed version of the Accord - an organisation dedicated to creating a safer textile and garment industry. Keep reading to...Read more