3 simple ways to start the year healthier and happier

Head into the new year feeling healthier and happier with these simple life hacks. Scrap the standard new year's resolutions and set yourself up to succeed this season (and beyond)…

Studies reveal that as much as 80% of new year's resolutions fail. That means there’s a very high likelihood you are sitting here reading this having agreed to carry out a resolution that you’ll struggle to maintain this month, let alone throughout the year. 

This failure undoubtedly comes from setting goals that are too ambitious from the get-go. One that you either haven’t planned enough for, or that is simply too big a life shift to easily undertake right now. What follows this ultimate failure is an inevitable sense of disappointment and frustration. Not exactly the positive gear shift you were looking for, right?

So how do you go about choosing an achievable goal? Well, we’ve some ideas to help you try a new approach this year…

Double your water intake

The festive season often brings with it a lot of indulgences (rightly so) leaving many feeling the need to detox in the new year. Cue Dry January: the cold turkey approach on alcohol. Whilst a good detox is always recommended every now and then, the reality is this resolution is usually short-lived. For a resolution with more longevity, why not commit to doubling your intake of H20 instead? 

From enhanced physical performance to better energy levels and brain function, staying well hydrated comes with various health benefits. In short, it’s a simple, yet highly effective way to help yourself feel better day-to-day. It even helps to combat a horrible hangover. 

The daily recommended intake for men is 3.7 litres, whilst for women it’s 2.7 litres. Not sure how to keep track? Our 1L Nalgene water bottles store a good chunk of your daily water needs and can be easily stashed in your pack on the move.

New Year Resolutions

Make walking in fresh air a priority

Ditch the overcrowded gyms and save your pennies this season - we’ve a very simple solution to help you feel easily fitter and mentally better. Whilst bad weather and shorter days make it less appealing to get outdoors, why not embrace Icelandic culture, wrap up warm with the help of our protective Montane kit, and prioritise getting out for a walk to connect with nature each day?

Making walking a habit you fit into your daily schedule is one of the easiest ways you can burn excess calories, according to the NHS. For additional motivation, a good playlist or inspiring podcast is a great companion when you can’t find a walking buddy. We’ve a great selection of Montane podcasts to tune in to, chatting with a wide variety of adventurers on different topics. From #TeamMontane’s Jordan Wylie talking about social media and mental health, to inspiring expeditions such as Alice Morrison’s trek across the desert in Morocco, as well as unique insights into our epic long-distance races.

New year Resolutions

Give back to a good cause 

Supporting a project, charity or community you are passionate about is not only a really good thing to do, but increasing evidence also suggests it has positive mental health benefits for us too. For the science nerds out there, the act of giving back activates your mesolimbic system (also known as your brain's rewards centre), triggering endorphins which help us to feel happy. There are so many ways you can commit to helping out more in 2023, all that’s left is to find the right cause for you!

Looking for ideas? For runners and hikers, The George Fisher Tea Round is a fun challenge based in the Lake District that can be done to raise funds for a cause were extremely passionate about at Montane, Fix the Fells. Since 2021, participants of the route have raised over £2000 and each donation is match funded by us - doubling the support for this incredible organisation.

Those less inclined to hit the trails can also seek to volunteer directly with Fix the Fells or independently donate to their work. Alternatively, why not reach out to a locally-based charity to find out how you could support them?

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