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Scottish winter: Facing unyielding elements

Hamish Frost is an adventure and mountain sports photographer based in Scotland. He’s an active skier and climber, and learnt his trade capturing images during days out with friends in...Read more

#MyMontane 2022 Wrap-Up

As the year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all the epic adventures and rewarding achievements taken on by the extended Montane community. ...Read more

Q&A: Jenny Tough’s SOLO adventure

In celebration of the release of the film SOLO, we catch up with Jenny Tough to learn more about the challenge that inspired this film. Keep reading to discover why...Read more

A guide to exploring Iceland in winter

Seemingly everlasting darkness and extreme weather conditions mean Iceland endures one of the toughest winters on the planet. #TeamMontane’s Jessie Leong shares what she learnt navigating this extraordinary, unique landscape… ...Read more

How to travel to the mountains sustainably

#TeamMontane professional alpinist and mountaineer Rebecca Coles is most at home in the mountains. In support of International Mountain Day (11 December) she shares her advice to help more of...Read more

Podcast: Scottish Adventures with Bee Leask

Ahead of International Hike Day (17 November) we chat with Bee Leask, a passionate hiker who is on a mission to climb as many Scottish mountains as she can....Read more

A beginner's guide to Ski Touring

Looking to experience snowy wonderlands in a uniquely rewarding way this winter? Skier Jess Clarke shares how ski touring can help you to do just that....Read more

Podcast: Introducing The Last Ride

#TeamMontane ski mountaineers Ed, Will and Jon share their inspiring Last Ride project and discuss the impact that climate change is having on how this is taking shape....Read more

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