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Triple Crown: The Ultimate Mountain Endurance Test

The Grand Traverse returns again for another incredible weekend of sporting prowess in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We catch up with seasoned GT racer and #TeamMontane athlete Alyssa Wendt...Read more

Podcast: How to keep calm and conquer K2

Meet supermum Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ferry, a #TeamMontane athlete who juggles raising children alongside conquering the world’s biggest mountains and ultra endurance races…...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Grand Traverse skier Alyssa Wendt

The Grand Traverse is an epic 40-mile ski race based in the rugged Rocky Mountains. Find out what to expect in this exclusive interview with Alyssa Wendt a former participant...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Katy Parrott takes on the MLAU

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Montane athlete Katy Parrott who is taking part in the inaugural Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra (MLAU). Discover her preparations and reasons for taking on...Read more

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