The Montane Dragon's Back Race

The annual Montane Dragon’s Back Race® will challenge the world’s best ultra-runners with 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent across six days, in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The Montane Dragon’s Back Race® route is inspired by that of the 1992 race, in which the inaugural Dragons tackled Wales’ uniquely wild, trackless, and remote mountainous terrain.

Today, it is considered to be the toughest mountain race in the world.
Participants underestimate it at their peril! Be under no illusion, this is not a ‘trail race’.

Six days
From Conwy Castle to Cardiff Castle, a legendary multi-stage, ultra running journey down the spine of Wales. This is the world’s toughest mountain race.

The average daily distance is 63km - that’s >1.5 marathons a day! Be sure to pace yourself.

That’s almost twice the height of Everest - enter only if you’re brave enough.

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