The Montane Spine Race

Welcome to the official Montane event hub for the 2022 Spine Race. Your one-stop-shop for all things related to Britain’s most brutal ultra run. Spanning the entire Pennine Bridleway, the MONTANE® Spine Race is a challenging 268-mile, non-stop, winter, mountain marathon, based in the North of England. Completing the Spine requires pushing your limits further than ever before.

2022 will be an extra special edition of the Winter Spine, which comes after COVID-19 cancelled the race in 2021. The race also celebrates its official 10 year anniversary. To mark this momentous occasion, there’s an additional Spine race to get excited about this January: the Spine challenger North ( more on that below!). Keep reading to discover more about the individual races, to learn about the origins of the race, our race kit recommendations, and how you can win a Spine jacket…

4 challenging Spine Races

Taking on the Spine is no easy task! Competitors must cover some of the most difficult terrain found in England, alongside battling the winter elements, from deep snow, gale-force winds to torrential rain. Combine this with tiredness, fatigue, sleep deprivation and exposure, and you have a challenge that will push you to your limits.

There are 4 races that make up the Spine event. Here’s a breakdown of what’s taking place this January and how you can track the participants taking on the challenges:
  • Spine Race: 268 Miles | 09 - 16 Jan | View live tracker
    The original race features the full length of the Pennine Way.
  • Spine Challenger: 108 Miles | 08 - 14 Jan | View live tracker
  • Takes on the first section of the PW: Edale to Hawes.
  • Spine Challenger North: 160 Miles | 09 - 13 Jan | View live tracker
  • Takes on the last section of the PW: Hawes to Kirk Yetholm.
  • Spine Sprint: 42 miles | 08 - 09 Jan | View live tracker
    ‘Entry-level taster’ of the Spine, from: Edale to Hebden Bridge.

Celebrating 10 years of the Spine Race

The Spine has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Since those early days, the race has gained global recognition as one of the toughest ultra-runs going.

Eager to find out more, we caught up with the people that developed the race, to learn more about where it all began and what their highlights of the Spine have been!

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