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Why we’re protecting our playground this Green Friday

As we approach Green Friday we continue to support Fix the Fells and their continued efforts to protect one of our favourite playgrounds: The Lake District National Park. By donating...Read more

24 words every outdoor enthusiast should know

Looking to brush up on your outdoor terminology? Sick of not understanding your climbing or running pals and their confusing abbreviated terms? Expand your vocabulary this season with the help...Read more

A guide to More Sustainable Choice

This season we’re introducing a new way to browse the Montane range online. Keep reading to learn about More Sustainable Choice…...Read more

Fair Wear Foundation: A sustainable supply chain

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation we’re dedicated to improving working conditions for the people making Montane clothing. Keep reading to learn more about this commitment, and the...Read more

Q&A: Why we choose Organic Cotton

This season we’re proud to announce that all of the cotton used in the Montane range is 100% organic. We explain why we decided to do this and the benefits...Read more

BMC: Bouldering Responsibly Outside

For those looking to take their climbing outdoors this season, don’t miss this  useful advice from the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). ...Read more

How we’re investing in our planet’s future

We believe real action is needed to combat the climate crisis. That’s why this Earth Day we’re reflecting on the steps Montane are taking to help mitigate our impact on...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Tracking climate change in Chile

Ahead of Earth Day, we speak to mountain guide and Montane athlete Jorn Heller to learn more about his expedition to track the effects of climate change on a remote...Read more

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